Quicky Temp Site

I've quickly thrown this up to hold blog post stuff - will improve later.

2014 Apr 13 11:55:29

Well that was a long break...

To all you naysayers out there - Wah-ha-ha, brokencube is back! Sort of.

I won't bother going over all the stuff that's happened over the last 6½ years (Yes, it's been that long) - well I may do an overview later - suffice to say, I have a job and still live in Brighton (to be fair, most of the people who are going to read this know this already).

So, why have I finally brought this back? Because I'm moving house. Moving house into a new apartment on my own.

People who know me well will know that I have worried about this for many-a-year - The few times I have lived on my own for any period of time (i.e. all housemates have been on holiday), my mental health has suffered. Combine that with my general uselessness at keeping in contact with old friends, and I fear I may fade away completely.

Therefore: My plan is to keep in contact with people a lot more in the future - step one of which is to resurrect the blog...so... Tah da!

Over the next few weekends, I'll add post tags and commenting back onto the site (and probably facebook/twitter crossposting), and will try and post something at least once a week.

Hopefully this will last.... :/