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I should put a subtitle here, wonder what it should be...

2015 Oct 20 09:25:31


So I've fixed the SSL certificate, so the site's back up... Let's see if I actually start posting things again...

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Dan Summers 2015Oct20 10:32:59

Yay, certificated!

Torkell 2015Nov01 15:51:48

It lives!

Craig 2015Nov01 20:00:09


Craig 2016Nov19 18:09:33

I think there should be another post called "Back!"

Torkell 2016Dec02 15:31:04

Technically this post is still accurate - the last (visible) change was Nik fixing the SSL certificate again in 2016.

Nik 2018May30 23:13:46

Testing new stack

2018Jun09 12:45:31

Dan Summers 2019Nov15 15:38:11

New stack works *nodnod*

I still love the animations on this site, btw.

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2014 May 25 20:13:46

The slow descent of updates.

Move has been progressing slowly over the past couple of weeks. 98% of my books are at the new places, and I am now starting to move boardgames and other things. Freezer has been fixed; turns out if had been randomly turned off at the wall, but it took them a while to find exactly where on the wall it was plugged in. This was the last of the things that needed to be "fixed", so that's good. Most of the bills have been sorted, and the Internet is installed... and whilst not super fast compared to my current connection, it's fast enough. (Tops out at about 50Mb/s, compared to the 125Mb/s I currently get). I also have a bed and mattress which is good, although the mattress is currently at the Brighton address, which is not so good. Turns out, compressed foam mattresses are really f'ing heavy, so not sure how I'm going to transport that up to Burgess Hill yet. May have to wait for the final moving date.

Not much else to report on this front - work is still temporarily in Burgess Hill, which is good (in the short term) as it allows me to continue moving things on a day by day basis.

On a completely separate note, I watch a lot of random educational stuff on Youtube, across a variety of subjects, and feel I should plug my favourites here - I donate to a few of these on a monthly basis on, which should hopefully convey my opinions on their quality:


Stream of consciousness rambling on life the universe and everything (but themed each episode)


Showing off some of the less intuitive parts of physics with normal people


Science with a guy with genuine enthusiasm about learning new things.

CGP Grey

Fast spoken and flatpan episodes on random topics

Vi Hart

Stream of conciousness doodles on maths and music and both.


Latest mainstream and weird science news.

Crash Course

Exceptionally good and watchable lessons on a variety of subjects. If you only watch one channel from this list, make it this one.

Idea Channel

Stream of consciousness thoughts on geeky and internet culture


Simple animations describing complex physics. Better than it sounds

Sixty Symbols

Inteviews with professors about physics questions

Periodic Videos

Inteviews with professors about chemistry questions


Inteviews with professors about maths questions.

Extra Credits

Thoughts about game design and culture, from the games industry.


Simple animations describing complex earth science.

SlowMo Guys

Explosions in slow mo. These guys are nuts

The Brain Scoop

Warning - don't watch if you're squeamish. Zoological science.

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2014 May 11 21:02:44

New Home: Get!

I have the keys (!) and have now started the long process of moving my belonging to the new address. So far, the last few days have consisted of assembling 6 bookshelves (pic below), and moving a bookshelf and a half worth of books into them. I'm going ahead with my plan of moving a wheelie suitcase full of books each morning on the way to work (and at weekends), and it seems to be working so far, though the extra journey time it causes me is starting to grate slightly. I estimate I have another week and a bit worth of moving books, and then I can start moving my board game collection.

(I've played with the levels of the image to make it look a bit better)

Stuff I need to do in the next few days:

For my geekier friends: you may have noticed that Brokencube is now on HTTPS. Turns out that StartSSL do free signed SSL certificates for personal use, so I thought I'd give it a try. Seems to be set up securely (Qualys SSL Tester gives it an A+ :D ), but I have knocked out all IE on WinXP from connecting. Then again, if you are still using IE on WinXP, then you deserve it :P For the future, this will mean that I will be able to allow certain friends accounts on the site where they can do more stuff (when I get around to putting more than a blog on here) without worrying about passwords getting POSTed in plain text. On a related note - it appears that I can't get a static IP on BT Infinity (Can't get Virgin at the new place :( ), so I'm going to have to look into Dynamic DNS services to keep the brokencube domain sat on the right IP. Any suggestions on a good service for this anyone?

Once the move is a bit more complete, I hope to start posting more interesting stuff on here (more than just a literal log of my weekly actions) - maybe some short educational stuff about Science and IT; not exactly sure what the format for that will be, we'll see. Right: stream of consciousness over. Signing off till next weekend (unless something happens)

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Craig 2014May12 08:26:17

Zen do a static IP with each account. My plan is to move away from BT business to them as it will save me a fair bit per year.

Torkell 2014May12 19:11:28

Well, not DynDns unless you're willing to pay for it - they've just killed off their free DDNS service. Which is most annoying as that's the only service my router natively supports.

Dan 2014Dec04 23:08:48

I have those exact shelves in my place.

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2014 May 04 16:07:18

Moving: Step 1 Complete

Contracts are now all signed for the new apartment, and deposit has been made. All I have to do now is pick up the keys on Wednesday morning. I went over yesterday and measured up the place, so that I can start planning what furniture to buy etc. I also took a many pictures of the place; mostly to have a log of any pre-existing damage, but also a few to put up on here.

So, here is a basic plan of the new place (measurements are very rough, as it's hard to quickly and accurately measure up a place on your own) - click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures. As you can see from the pictures, I seem to have inherited a couple of leather sofas. Not sure what I'm going to do with those - I think I'm going to put one in the "library", but not sure about the other.

I've also added comments to the site. There's no real validation or anything at the moment, but it should all work. I have noted that Google Chrome seems to be unhappy interacting properly with HTML elements that have been moved about, but IE10 and Firefox work okay.

(May expand this blog post later, but that's it for now)

[Continuing at 19:09] Don't have much else to day, but on a final note: As predicted, the work website went live with the new internals last week. Not too many bugs cropped up post-live, which is good. This finally means we can start driving traffic at the site, so this will be the real test for the company. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully, it'll be a resounding success, but this part of the process is mostly out of my hands, so all I can do is fix bugs and hope everyone else gets it right. :/

Need to start making Argos orders... T-minus 62 hours and counting...

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Craig 2014May07 09:17:16

First official use of an image map since 2001...

Nik 2014May07 19:35:52

Hey, don't knock it, it works :D

Dan 2014Aug26 21:00:47

Nice new place, shame about the office, I guess... Glad to hear you're still about and doing things that are interesting, if not always enjoyable. I guess it's on me to get glasshalfempty up and running again, then, isn't it? :D

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2014 Apr 26 19:23:20

T-minus 161 hours and counting

Signing of tenancy agreement is set for 11am next Saturday, so this time next week, I will be set for at least the next 12 months. I don't actually get the keys till the following Wednesday, but I'm sure I'll be excited nonetheless.

The past week has been a fair bit hectic. The work crunch is coming to an end: most likely the new website will be up and live early next week (not that you'll be able to see the difference from that link - the new public pages went live a couple of months ago; the new work is a complete redesign of the internal pages once you've signed up). It will be a relief once the work goes live; not only because it'll ease of the pressure at work for a while, but also because the site will be "finished" in my eyes. That is, it will be at a point where I consider it a complete product, not in beta, or early release, but feature complete for the minimum amount of functionality we needed for the site to be working. From that point on, we will finally start apply a proper marketing plan to the site. This, of course, does not mean that the work is finished; we have months (or longer) worth of stuff we want to implement, but I will be able to view it as improving our current product, not getting our product to a proper launch.

Work aside, I need to start planning actually physically moving my stuff from home to "home 2". What with the abrupt relocation of work to Burgess Hill (at least for the time being), I think new plan, at least for the first week or so, is to start carting a bag and suitcase to work each morning, and drop off the contents at the new place en-route. By the time I have all the new furniture etc. in place, I expect I should at least have been able to move my entire book collection over, without causing myself too much trouble. I need to start listing out all the companies I need to either advise of my change of address, or need to close accounts with and open new ones (Gas, Electric, Internet, Council Tax, Water etc. etc.). May dump that list up on here, we'll see.

Updates to the site (adding comments in particular) will either happen tomorrow or next weekend; work has been kicking my arse a bit and I haven't really had any productive evenings to start working on it. I need to start thinking about what other stuff I want to put up on the site as well.

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Nik 2014May04 14:10:08

Testing Comments!

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2014 Apr 17 23:54:30

Not sure what I think of this week...

So, I've got all the paperwork sorted with the new letting agency - all I have to do now is sign the tenancy agreement and pay the deposit on 3rd May, and I will officially be living at 31 Keymer Court, Burgess Hill. I will also still be living in Davey Drive in Brighton for a few weeks, so that I can gently move stuff over and get furniture built and installed etc... It still hasn't sunk in that I'm moving yet. Though, the kafuffle at work this week will probably make it even more confusing...

My office at work sits on the border of Brighton and Hove, about a half hour bus journey from my current home. It can get a bit lonely, as I am frequently the only guy there, but it's a nice location and easy to get to. At least it was. I turned up Wednesday morning to find a note pinned to the door saying that the office had been repossessed, and all the locks had been changed. Oh.

I was hoping it was all a misunderstanding, but apparently not, and therefore I am now suddenly working in a small office at a home belonging to one of the COO's family in the far end of Burgess Hill. Not ideal to say the least. Add on to that almost a day's worth of faffing as we move all the bits we need from the old office to this place, and then more faffing as we try and get my computer an internet connection (Linux + Wireless USB do not mix it seems) and Wednesday was basically a complete write-off.

Which is of course is perfect timing, considering we're currently in high speed panic mode at work at the moment, trying to get a new release live so that we start spending the new investment money on proper marketing. Double oops.

Looks like I'll be working from there for the next few weeks at a minimum - the boss is currently getting his garage converted into an office space; once that's up and ready I'll be working in Redhill on a fairly permanent basis, but it looks like I'm commuting to Burgess Hill for the time being. Ah well, it won't be so bad once I've actually moved there.

So that was Wednesday. Then today, Dom and Rebecca (two current housemates) have finally found a place to rent whilst they try and save up to buy a house. They are moving to Burgess Hill, like me. Next to the station, like me. In fact, if I walk out on to my balcony at the new place, I will be able to wave to them standing on their balcony, across the street. Guess I won't be lonely then :D

All in all, a strange week...

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2014 Apr 13 11:55:29

Well that was a long break...

To all you naysayers out there - Wah-ha-ha, brokencube is back! Sort of.

I won't bother going over all the stuff that's happened over the last 6½ years (Yes, it's been that long) - well I may do an overview later - suffice to say, I have a job and still live in Brighton (to be fair, most of the people who are going to read this know this already).

So, why have I finally brought this back? Because I'm moving house. Moving house into a new apartment on my own.

People who know me well will know that I have worried about this for many-a-year - The few times I have lived on my own for any period of time (i.e. all housemates have been on holiday), my mental health has suffered. Combine that with my general uselessness at keeping in contact with old friends, and I fear I may fade away completely.

Therefore: My plan is to keep in contact with people a lot more in the future - step one of which is to resurrect the Tah da!

Over the next few weekends, I'll add post tags and commenting back onto the site (and probably facebook/twitter crossposting), and will try and post something at least once a week.

Hopefully this will last.... :/

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